Handling Leads (Tutorial Part 2)

In this video tutorial, we will dive deeper into working with the solution once the campaign is up and running. We will explore where to find new leads, how to use the chat system, and provide tips on converting leads into potential customers.

Valentin Rangelov
Feb 2·3 min read

Cosiall is a powerful lead generation software that can deliver warm leads right to your business. In this tutorial video, we'll dive deeper into how to work with this solution once your campaign is up and running.

If you missed the first video, we highly recommend watching it before proceeding with this one. In that video, we provided an overview of what Cosiall is and how to set up your campaigns.

Once you have set up your campaign, you can view it on the Campaigns page. The main difference this time is that the campaign we created in the previous video is now in the Active tab, whereas before it was in the Pending tab. If you have existing campaigns, you can view them on this page, along with statistics on their performance. If you decide to modify a campaign, you can do so by clicking the "View all details" button below the campaign title, which will take you to the campaign details page.

On the campaign details page, you can make any desired modifications to your campaign. This page contains the familiar campaign section that we introduced in the last video, where you can make changes such as adjusting the messages or altering the filters you've used. It's important to remember to save any changes you make by clicking the save button. Alternatively, if you choose to discard any changes, you can click the decline button.

As you navigate to your campaign page, you'll see three main tabs at the top of the screen. The first is the "Campaigns" tab, which we are currently on. The second tab is where you can view your saved contacts, and the third tab leads us to our chat system, where you can find and communicate with your leads who have responded to our proposal.

Let's now move on to exploring some of the more interesting pages within our application.

When your campaign starts generating leads, you can find them on the "Contacts" tab. This is where you can see all the leads that have responded to your proposal. You can also see their contact information and the specific campaign they came from. This is an excellent resource for keeping track of all the leads you have generated, as well as for following up with them.

The chat system, which you can find on the "Chats" tab, is another essential feature of Cosiall. Here you can communicate with your leads and answer any questions they may have. You can also use this system to convert your leads into potential customers. Be sure to use a friendly tone and to offer helpful information. This will increase your chances of turning your leads into satisfied customers.

In conclusion, Cosiall is an excellent solution for lead generation, and this tutorial video has shown you how to work with it once your campaign is up and running. By using the Contacts and Chats tabs, you can effectively manage your leads and convert them into satisfied customers. So what are you waiting for? Start using Cosiall today and take your lead generation to the next level!

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